How To Treat ED Naturally


Today I’m going to be talking about something that causes a lot of relationships significant issues; that causes a lot of men to have anxiety, stress, to feel inadequate and I’m talking about the erectile dysfunction. How can we naturally avoid it and how can we reverse that length to make it big, hard and strong once again like we had in our youth.

As you might guess that the answer to erectile dysfunction is not a drug, and it’s not Viagra, not Cialis. Although those things do get your penis hard, they don’t take away the root issue, which is bad circulation in your arteries. Basically, you have to look at your penis as a hydraulic, it needs blood, it needs circulation, it needs oxygen, it needs nitrous to get it moving in the right direction if know what I mean.

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Cholesterol plaque in artery (atherosclerosis) illustration

How do we do that? How do we improve our circulation down there? How do we get things moving and get that mechanism working powerfully again? Well, the same way you reverse heart disease, the same way you open up your arteries of your heart is the same way you open up the arteries of your penis. Now, a little bit of hydration every day, good sleep, rest, nourishment, exercise, vigorous exercise to keep your hormones balanced. Yes, that’s all a big key, but the bigger key is you got to take a plaque, take the junk, take the crap out of your arteries so that they can start pumping again. Healthy heart – healthy penis.


A plant-based high-carb low-fat diet has been proven over the course of lots and lots of years to reverse heart disease, reverse the amount of plaque, arthritis, atherosclerosis, the thickening and a plaquing of the arteries of the heart. Such diet reverse, not just prevent, but the reverse of your someone who’s in your thirties or even your late twenties and especially your forties and fifties, if you have erectile dysfunction. Switch over to a plant-based whole food diet, ditch the oils, ditch the stimulants, don’t go too crazy with the fats, focus on good, healthy, fiber, water rich antioxidant, vitamin-rich carbohydrates as your main source of calories. and over the course of a few months along with some lifestyle changes (some exercise, better sleep, some nourishment, some rest) your primary member, your good friend down there will start to stand tall again at attention when it’s that time to make love with your partner.