How To Nourish and Hydrate Your Face Skin


You want to find ingredients that are good for the skin, that’s going to give it that luminosity. So, finding products like vitamin C that you can apply all over your skin is going to help give it that boost, and it’s going to help produce more collagen. This one I found on Amazon, it is by OZ Naturals. It’s by far one of my favorite vitamin C serum. It’s 20% vitamin C, which is pretty potent. Another serum that I love is by Be the Skin, and it is super powerful. So, two pumps are all you need. And what you want to do is after toning your skin, you want to apply the serum on first before moisturizer, and just patting it all over the skin. A serum is a kind of like a moisturizer that has a boost of power. Think of it like a moisturizer without the moisturizing benefits, but it has all the popped potent ingredients in it. For example, let’s say you don’t have the best diet, but you take supplements. Serums are like that. You may not have the best skincare routine but using a serum will make a world of a difference because you’re adding a lot of powerful active ingredients on the face, they’ll help heal and nourish the skin.


Another good vitamin to use on the skin is vitamin A, or they call it retinol. And this one I use is by IOPE. I love this one. You don’t need a prescription to get this retinol; you can just buy it online or over the counter. What I do is I take a little bit of retinol, I apply it on my forehead, my nasolabial folds, a little bit on my crow’s feet area, and the rest around my cheeks. And what this does that it helps the cell turnover faster so that your skin rejuvenates much faster. But you have to be a little careful because retinol can dry out your skin, so make sure you apply on a really good moisturizer afterward or else your skin is going to start flaking, and it’s going to get really irritated.


If you need something stronger, then you can start using a retinoid cream. And this is prescription only. I have one that’s 0.5%, and I use this one just around my forehead and again nasolabial folds, and it really does make a difference. And I know this is really strong because sometimes I find that my skin can feel a little dry. So, I use just a little bit, but my personal favorite is the one that you can get over the counter, which is not as strong as the prescription one.

The next step is to hydrate your skin. Find a good moisturizer that is not going to feel greasy or heavy on the skin. People tend to think the heavier the moisturizer – the better. But that works better for older skin. If you have younger skin or you’re below 50, you don’t really want something that’s too heavy. Something that is light, refreshing, and hydrating, but that’s not going to weigh the skin down. One that I use every other night is this one by Aromatica. It’s a beautiful moisturizer, I love the texture; it comes with a nice little scoop so that you don’t really contaminate it; you scoop it out and break the product down between your fingers, and you pat it on the face, and your skin will feel like a baby butt smooth the next morning. It feels so good, and it doesn’t feel as greasy or oily. Another moisturizer I love using besides this one is an oil based moisturizer. It doesn’t have to be this oil; it can be like argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, any oil you can safely use on the skin. It’s going to not only help hydrate the skin, but the skin will also feel like it’s natural. It’s not going to have that irritation. So, that’s pretty much the final step: hydrate the skin, moisturize it, and you’re pretty much ready to sleep and rest.


Whenever you’re shopping, don’t compare prices, don’t look at what’s expensive – look at what’s effective. Besides cleaning the face, hydrating the skin is the most important. And remember, guys, don’t neglect drinking water. Just because you’re putting all these products on the face, don’t expect miracles because half the battle is also what you put inside the body.