How To Nourish and Hydrate Your Face Skin


You want to find ingredients that are good for the skin, that’s going to give it that luminosity. So, finding products like vitamin C that you can apply all over your skin is going to help give it that boost, and it’s going to help produce more collagen. This one I found on Amazon, it is by OZ Naturals. It’s by far one of my favorite vitamin C serum. It’s 20% vitamin C, which is pretty potent. Another serum that I love is by Be the Skin, and it is super powerful. So, two pumps are all you need. And what you want to do is after toning your skin, you want to apply the serum on first before moisturizer, and just patting it all over the skin. A serum is a kind of like a moisturizer that has a boost of power. Think of it like a moisturizer without the moisturizing benefits, but it has all the popped potent ingredients in it. For example, let’s say you don’t have the best diet, but you take supplements. Serums are like that. You may not have the best skincare routine but using a serum will make a world of a difference because you’re adding a lot of powerful active ingredients on the face, they’ll help heal and nourish the skin.


Another good vitamin to use on the skin is vitamin A, or they call it retinol. And this one I use is by IOPE. I love this one. You don’t need a prescription to get this retinol; you can just buy it online or over the counter. What I do is I take a little bit of retinol, I apply it on my forehead, my nasolabial folds, a little bit on my crow’s feet area, and the rest around my cheeks. And what this does that it helps the cell turnover faster so that your skin rejuvenates much faster. But you have to be a little careful because retinol can dry out your skin, so make sure you apply on a really good moisturizer afterward or else your skin is going to start flaking, and it’s going to get really irritated.


If you need something stronger, then you can start using a retinoid cream. And this is prescription only. I have one that’s 0.5%, and I use this one just around my forehead and again nasolabial folds, and it really does make a difference. And I know this is really strong because sometimes I find that my skin can feel a little dry. So, I use just a little bit, but my personal favorite is the one that you can get over the counter, which is not as strong as the prescription one.

The next step is to hydrate your skin. Find a good moisturizer that is not going to feel greasy or heavy on the skin. People tend to think the heavier the moisturizer – the better. But that works better for older skin. If you have younger skin or you’re below 50, you don’t really want something that’s too heavy. Something that is light, refreshing, and hydrating, but that’s not going to weigh the skin down. One that I use every other night is this one by Aromatica. It’s a beautiful moisturizer, I love the texture; it comes with a nice little scoop so that you don’t really contaminate it; you scoop it out and break the product down between your fingers, and you pat it on the face, and your skin will feel like a baby butt smooth the next morning. It feels so good, and it doesn’t feel as greasy or oily. Another moisturizer I love using besides this one is an oil based moisturizer. It doesn’t have to be this oil; it can be like argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, any oil you can safely use on the skin. It’s going to not only help hydrate the skin, but the skin will also feel like it’s natural. It’s not going to have that irritation. So, that’s pretty much the final step: hydrate the skin, moisturize it, and you’re pretty much ready to sleep and rest.


Whenever you’re shopping, don’t compare prices, don’t look at what’s expensive – look at what’s effective. Besides cleaning the face, hydrating the skin is the most important. And remember, guys, don’t neglect drinking water. Just because you’re putting all these products on the face, don’t expect miracles because half the battle is also what you put inside the body.

How To Treat ED Naturally


Today I’m going to be talking about something that causes a lot of relationships significant issues; that causes a lot of men to have anxiety, stress, to feel inadequate and I’m talking about the erectile dysfunction. How can we naturally avoid it and how can we reverse that length to make it big, hard and strong once again like we had in our youth.

As you might guess that the answer to erectile dysfunction is not a drug, and it’s not Viagra, not Cialis. Although those things do get your penis hard, they don’t take away the root issue, which is bad circulation in your arteries. Basically, you have to look at your penis as a hydraulic, it needs blood, it needs circulation, it needs oxygen, it needs nitrous to get it moving in the right direction if know what I mean.

The most popular herbal penis enhancement product, that works fast and do not have side effects is Vig Rx Plus (here’s more information about the product)

Cholesterol plaque in artery (atherosclerosis) illustration

How do we do that? How do we improve our circulation down there? How do we get things moving and get that mechanism working powerfully again? Well, the same way you reverse heart disease, the same way you open up your arteries of your heart is the same way you open up the arteries of your penis. Now, a little bit of hydration every day, good sleep, rest, nourishment, exercise, vigorous exercise to keep your hormones balanced. Yes, that’s all a big key, but the bigger key is you got to take a plaque, take the junk, take the crap out of your arteries so that they can start pumping again. Healthy heart – healthy penis.


A plant-based high-carb low-fat diet has been proven over the course of lots and lots of years to reverse heart disease, reverse the amount of plaque, arthritis, atherosclerosis, the thickening and a plaquing of the arteries of the heart. Such diet reverse, not just prevent, but the reverse of your someone who’s in your thirties or even your late twenties and especially your forties and fifties, if you have erectile dysfunction. Switch over to a plant-based whole food diet, ditch the oils, ditch the stimulants, don’t go too crazy with the fats, focus on good, healthy, fiber, water rich antioxidant, vitamin-rich carbohydrates as your main source of calories. and over the course of a few months along with some lifestyle changes (some exercise, better sleep, some nourishment, some rest) your primary member, your good friend down there will start to stand tall again at attention when it’s that time to make love with your partner.

VigRx Plus Penis Pills Pros And Cons


For those who are a frequent user of penis enlargement product, you must be familiar with a penis enlargement pills called the VigRx Plus. It is simply one of the most popular penis pills that we have ever encountered in the market as of now. There are so many pros and cons that might come with the pills that you can enjoy. If you are a first time user, you might want to know about the positive and the negative of the pills. Here are the most common pros and cons spoke by the user of VigRx Plus.

First Pro: Higher Sex Drive


Most people who are looking for a male sexual enhancement are men in their later age. They might struggle from low sex drive, or libido is making them incapable of enjoying sex. Luckily you can always take the VigRx pills in order to give you more sex drive. The pills are known for being a better form of Viagra as it will increase the level of libido in men especially those in later age. If you are struggling with your desire, this product is definitely the perfect one for you.

Second Pro: Bigger Erection


The VigRx plus penis enlargement pills work in a way that it generates blood circulation to your genitals. In doing so, you will have a better blood supply in your penis especially when you have your erection. One of the best thing about it is that you will have a really firm erection that is stronger and harder than before. It will also give you the overall increase in the size of your penis thanks to the blood supply in your penis. Not only you will have more sex drive you will also get a high quality of erection by using VigRx Plus.

First Cons: Possible Side Effects


It is true that VigRx is made entirely out of a natural and herbal ingredients in its formula. Despite so, the product still has several possible side effects that you might have to be cautious about. The side effects might include something like a headache, sweating more than you usually do, and you might also get a little bit dehydrated. Despite so, it is not something that is being experienced by a most healthy users of the product. Those with weight problems tend to experience the side effects whether you are underweight or overweight.

Second Cons:  Contraindication

VigRx Plus might be a safe and natural medication however you must be careful in using it. If you have a pre-existing medical condition prior using the pills, you might have to consult with your doctor first. For instance, if you have prostate issues whether it is enlarged or cancer, you do have to see your doctor first before using VigRx Plus.

Increase Your Sexual Desire In The Most Natural Ways

Are you having a problem in bed no matter how sexy your partner is? Maybe you are lacking in your libido level which contributes to the lack of sexual desire. Plenty of people will turn into medicine and drugs to improve their libido or sexual desire. But the fact is, there are so many different ways of improving your sexual desire without using any chemical substance. There are a lot of natural remedies that can be used to increase sexual desire. Here are the best four ways of improving your libido in the most natural ways.

Here are the top male enhancement ingredients:

African Herb called Yohimbine


Have you heard about this herb called Yohimbine? Yohimbine is a herb native to the African land which is also known as a nature viagra. It comes in the form of bark from the yohimbine tree. It has a direct effect of increasing the sexual performance, especially in men. It will allow you to maintain a hard erection for a longer period of time just like taking a viagra. This is caused by the alkaloid substance that exists within the Yohimbine bark. Despite so, there is no real comparison to Viagra when it comes to it.

Eat More Chocolate


Among of all aphrodisiac food in the world, chocolate can be found practically almost everywhere. If you like chocolate, you are in a good spot because you can eat it to increase your sexual desire. The substance available in Chocolate can stimulate the growth of libido in your body. Chocolate produces serotonin and phenylethylamine which is the substance that the body release to increase the desire.

Eat Certain Fruits


There are several fruits that can be aphrodisiac and good for the body. One of them includes figs and bananas. They are said to be an excellent aphrodisiac that can increase sexual desire. Despite so, there is no real scientific evidence that those fruits can have direct effects on your sexual desire. But there is no real reason why you should not try this several fruits as they are vitamins.

Chinese Herb

Ginko Biloba

There is a Chinese herb that has been known to add stamina in bed. It also increases sexual performance in general including sexual desire. It is only known as Ginko Biloba. Ginko Biloba itself is a tree of herb that is known as a super food. You can eat the leaf in order to add sexual stamina and sexual health in general.

How The Penis Enlargement Patch Works?


The penis has two cylinders or commonly known in medical terms as “corpora cavernosa” that at each cylinder will fill with blood whenever there is a stimulus. By pumping blood into the cylinder, it will be an erection. Large cylinder volume will affect how hard an erect penis, thus affecting the level of penis enlargement, length, and thickness and strength of the penis. In general, the quality of penile erection will decrease due to various factors such as age, stress or pressure of less healthy lifestyles.

Penis enlargement patch drugs with herbal formulas of various natural ingredients to increase blood pump power network so that the corpora cavernosa of the penis cylinder capacity will be increased during erection to occur. This patch has herbal content in a very fast and very efficient to enlarge penis in a safe way. The content of magnifying  patch is 100% natural and safe to consume daily.


Penis patch has been very famous in the world and is often used by some people. It is used to optimize the size and quality of the penis in order to satisfy customers. The drug has also been recognized by many scientists of various countries, as a very unique product, quickly, safely and permanently without side effects. This drug is now the primary choice International. Here is a developmental process that occurs in the penis during drug use magnifying penis enhancement patch:

Week 1 to 2

In this period, the most visible change is real penis becomes thicker, longer and stronger erections and longer.

The Development of the Penis at Week 2 to Week 4


In this period, you will see a more noticeable change. The penis will look longer and thicker again. Even when you looked in the mirror, you will be amazed because you will see your penis looks thicker, although not erect.

The Development of the Penis after Using Above 4 Weeks

In this period, there will be a very drastic change and striking. Not only have changed size, but your penis will be more powerful and muscular look. You will see results that exceed what you envisioned for this.

Now, you have known the benefits of using this product. Feel free to use it from now on and get all things that you need. You will feel happy upon using it. It is time for you to do your best with it.

Female Sexual Disorders Lists


Female sexual dysfunction can be the most urgent issue for a few women. This sort of issue will influence numerous viewpoints throughout your life, incorporating your association with your accomplice. The awful sex experience can bring unwanted problems in couple’s relationship. A study in the US demonstrates that there are 36% of ladies at 30 years old and 70 who have the low sexual longing. Also, 8% of them have the low sex drive that will make them baffled. Much the same as women, men likewise have an issue in the low moxie level. It’s also said that 10% of men at the age of 40-50 have the sexual brokenness issue. In this article, I’ll give you some popular causes of sexual dysfunction in women.

Pills to control conception


Conception prevention pills are observed to be the reason for low sex drive in female. A few explores demonstrate that the contraception pills can decrease the free testosterone level. The lessened free testosterone level is typically connected with the sexual yearning issue. Yet, this issue is still bantered by a few specialists. There’re a few specialists who trust that the control conception pills don’t have any connection with the low sex drive in ladies.

Sexual enhancement creams

Libido boosting creams help to achieve sexual arousal and lubrication without taking pills. Vigorelle cream gives an immediate effect and enhances sexual desire in minutes. It helps to get instant desire and make sex for hours. This cream is unique and recommended by medical experts as a natural and safe way to get pleasure from sex. This Viorelle cream review will help to understand how this product works on women’s sexuality. You can expect to get climiax several times per inercourse.



It’s said that the estrogen levels in women will be definitely diminished when they confront the menopause period. This will bring the dryness in your vagina. It can likewise bring the torment while you’re engaging in sexual relations. These things can lead you to low sexual desire. A study uncovers that the 52% of ladies who had confronted menopause would have the low sexual drive. It’s evaluated that 16 million women at 50 and more established will have the low sexual desire. And it is the sign of the sexual dysfunction.

Physiological issues


In case you’re having some terrible physiological issues, you have more conceivable outcomes to get low sex drive. For a few ladies, there are numerous things that will make them distressing, for example, keeping up the family unit, budgetary issue and difficulty to have a baby. These things will bring about the low sex drive for you. The injury in your past can likewise influence your sexual craving. The terrible sexual involvement in past can make you have the low sexual drive.

Other physical problems

Female sexual dysfunction can also be caused by some different physical issues. Your medical conditions will also affect your sexual function. If you have a certain disease like diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, neurological diseases, you’ll have more opportunity to get sexual dysfunction. The severe illnesses like liver failure, kidney disease, and drug abuse will affect your overall sexual function as well. You also need to consider some side effects from certain medications like antidepressant drugs, which will result in sexual dysfunction.